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For me my work is about the wonder as well as the predicament of creation. The witnessing of something coming into being can captivate and surprise me time and time again. As I draw, little by little, a certain path is chosen, and the drawing foregoes everything else it could be. I think the urge to make something without direct practical use, expresses a longing to connect with our own existence. So with the wonder of making something, whether recognized or not, comes also the isolation of a self-aware existence.

In my work I am looking for direct experiences, rather than conceptualizations of it. As my drawing is developing now, it is taking the form of an more abstract interpretation of ongoing, sensations, impulses and experiences. In the end, I’m not looking for an idealized substitute of reality in my work, but rather I would like to experience what it means to be alive with less and less obstructions. Theories, ideas, thoughts; they start the work, and then the making of it brings the opportunity for an authentic experience.

I was born in 1982 in the Netherlands. I am currently living and working in Northern California, USA. Feel free to contact me about the work by e-mail: miekeblee@gmail.com